A little bit of history

The company is born in 1993 as a result of the inquisitiveness of a group of young professionals motivated by an era of enormous technological changes. The times presented really interesting options for technology lovers and a new communications medium –the Internet—that was beginning to create infinite possibilities of applications for the emergent technologies.

In a first stage, under the name of Genesys – Ing. in Systems, the company dedicates itself to the production of solutions of automatization for third parties who lacked their own line of products. The principal task was based in developing a vast array of applications used in the oil market, without its name being recognized in a commercial way by the final customer.

At the end of this period and after the acquisition of an enormous experience in attending fuel expenditure stations, both industrial and retail, there emerges the need to channel all that was learned, with a different and autonomous vision about the way to be followed: Cyberia IT is born.

The company devotes itself to the diversification of solutions both for the oil sector as well as the entrepreneurial sector, developing special projects while expanding at the same time its line of products for service stations. After a few years and in the face of the exponential growth achieved, the need to divide the company was perceived, allowing the Cyberia IT group to continue with special and diversified developments on the one side and the newly-born PetroBox ™ to dedicate itself completely to the attention of the oil sector in general and to the area of service stations in particular. In this way, there emerges a technological support immensely rich between these two associated companies.

Thus we reach the year 2007, that finds us in permanent growth, with offices and associates in various countries of Latin America, Central America and Europe, trying to bring each day the best of ourselves to our customers.